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Dog training with a personal touch!

Here at Paw Pals we recognize that training means different things to different people. Some owners are happy with their dog knowing the basics and some are wanting their dog to be a bit more advanced, wherever you fall on this spectrum we will help you reach your personal goals. 

We believe training should be a fun, positive experience for you and your dog, it can really strengthen the bond between owner and dog. We believe with training comes respect and with respect comes love. 

We believe in positive reinforcement and building on success!

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A dog with advanced training awards
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A puppy in puppy training
A dog in beginners training class
Dogs in advanced training class

Puppy Training

Beginner Training

Advanced Training

This 6 week course will set you and your puppy up for success! Our puppy class will prepare you and your dog for future training. This class builds confidence and socializes your puppy!


Our beginner class will help your dog be a well mannered, well socialized pet for you to love for many years to come!

This 6 week course will continue build upon the training your dog has already received. This course will prepare you and your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test.

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